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Growing Pains [Nov. 2nd, 2011|05:53 pm]
Veritas et Aequitas
Not only the T.V. show...but my life. On my Yahoo news feed the other day was a "Growing Pains" cast reunion thing. Naturally I start humming the theme song. Then, naturally, as I have a habit of doing, I IMDB the series, and then think back to how old I was when it came out, when it was running and when it ended. It started in 1985. I was 8. It ran from the time I was 8 until the time I was 15. A lot went on those years. You know what I remember best? I remember growing up in Scenic Lakes. I remember riding bikes like it was a full time job...I remember playing the Legend of Zelda on rainy days...I remember when going up to the "Lake" meant dealing with kids from another town and it was both exciting and scary at the same time. I also remember thinking that lake community was my whole world. I remember my Mom used to buy me vests for the unpredictable fall weather...the typical north jersey falls where it was damp and chilly, but warm in the sun. Man, we had it made back then. The biggest worry I ever had was getting home for dinner and doing good in school...and maybe if I had the latest sneakers if my parents could afford them.
I explicitedly remember the smells...it that weird? I remember the way the bum fire (fire in a barrell) smelled at the frozen pond where we played hockey. I even remember how the SNOW smelled in the winter...like, what snows days SMELLED like. I remember walking to the bus stop in the fall and it smelled like rotting leaves and wet earth. I remember playing running bases and football before the bus came, and the years I played football when I was young I remember having practice after school...it's funny, I simply cannot forget what the damp earth felt like when we'd be outside doing whatever. That smell has stuck with me my whole life...I remember being so used to summer when fall came I never remembered not to sit down on the gouund...many a pair of jeans were ruined sitting in the wet grass and leaves. I remember the way Hardyston school smelled on the first day of school...and on the last. I remember what dinner cooking in the kitchen smelled like when I was in my room doing my homework. Those were the days Dad didn't have two jobs and we ate as a family...LOOONG before Mom and Dad called the quits on each other...even longer before they did it officially.
I remember how cold the attic was and what it smelled like when we brought the Christmas tree down to set it up. I always pissed and moaned about it...I wish now that I never had....it's one of my favorite memories now...even if it was tedious then. Sitting there, testing every goddamn light on the string..oh, I hated it...now? Lets just say I'd much rather be doing that than a LOT of other daily responsibilities I currently have. It's funny...I guess maybe it happens to everyone when they grow up, but when I look back, there was SO much I took for granted, SO much I would give up now to et back from that time.