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Veritas et Aequitas

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January 2012 [Jan. 19th, 2012|10:22 am]
Veritas et Aequitas
A new year. Big fucking deal. Nothing has really changed. Jax has Petrina's immune system and daycare has made him sick once a month since late September. He was sick for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The sickness he's bringing home combined with what Petrina picks up from the little germ factories she teaches, well, let's just say in about 5 years I hadn't taken ANY antibiotics...until the day after Christmas this year that is. Wonderful. Jax is worth every ounce of aggravation being sick causes, though...he's awesome. Sad to say though, things with Petrina, while BETTER for a while, have regressed backward. We're buried in financial troubles and it's burying us. Every conversation is about money. If we had the time to fix this, say four more months, we'd be fine...unfortunately, her parents and her aunt need the money from the sale of the house...so basically, we have to be out by late spring...which makes it impossible to find anything within our price range. I'm stressed. I also STILL cannot stand my job. I hate it in fact. i have a few things lined up, a new resume out there, but so far, no dice on much of anything. if there is any hope to leave...it's not for three or four months. I might go insane by then. Times are troubled for sure right now. I guess I shouldn't complain though, at least I HAVE a job.